Project Workshop

As a business owner, we don't expect you to know anything upfront regarding software engineering or what the process of building custom software solutions looks like. You know your business, and it's totally OK if you are new to software engineering. That's why we decided to offer a project workshop to you.

A project workshop is a meeting we run with our clients to clarify all unknowns related to software development. It is a few hours session where we work with you on two different topics.

Two workshop topics agenda

In the first topic, we explain to you pretty much everything about software development and its processes. You might not be familiar with how we build software, what we need, your role in the process, how long it takes, how much it costs, how we communicate, etc. We clarify all these steps and explain the whole process of software development.

You can ask us as many questions as you want, and we will be happy to answer all of them. The better you understand the process, the easier communication will be.

The second topic is related to your business. It is the most crucial step in the entire software development process. Even more important than development itself.

Here, we should understand why you need a custom software solution and what you want to achieve. To understand that, we need to get familiar with your company and what you do.

We should learn about your business as much as possible. You are supposed to teach us the processes in your company, the problems you face, the goals you want to achieve, the pain points you tackle, etc. The more we understand your business, the better solution we can provide.

Based on the information we get from you, we propose a software solution to solve your problems. It's self-evident that if we lack the information about your business, we might suggest a solution you don't need.

The workshop outcome

Once we gather all information about your business and the problems you face, we will provide you with a proposal. It usually takes a couple of days before we send it to you.

The proposal includes a project specification, development process plan, recommended technology, recommended system architecture, and cost and duration estimates.

Workshop duration and costs

The duration of a workshop depends on the business itself. The more complex business is, the longer the workshop session is. On average, it usually takes up to 5-6 hours. In some cases can be even longer.

The price of the workshop is free of charge.


You will learn about the software development processes and get familiar with the technology and possible solutions.

Also, custom software development might be costly, up to $300.000, and even beyond that. Without a proper workshop or adequate information gathering, you could get software that doesn't solve your problems. Moreover, you would waste a lot of money.

Our workshop provides valuable information on whether custom software is what you need. It prevents you from investing a lot of money in the software you don't need.

Feel free to ask us anything

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