We build custom software to save you money and time

Cyber Output is a software development company helping you build efficient, easy-to-use software systems that improve and automate your business processes

What we do

We help you automate business processes by writing software tailored to your needs.

We build software to replace manual work you perform by using pen & paper or an excel sheet in your business processes. Whether it is calculation or tracking, moving to a digital form is always a huge time saver.

We have extensive experience in third-party API integrations. We can integrate your webshop, CRM, ERP, or any other system by syncing and exchanging data with/from any data source.

We assist from the beginning by learning about your business, making suggestions on what to automate, giving advice about the possible solutions, and finally, building adequate software.

Bespoke CRM Solution

We are also specialized in building custom CRM solutions. Different businesses have different needs and ways of how to manage the interactions with their customers.

Every business is specific and requires a custom CRM software solution tailored to the particular use case.

Find out more about how we can help with custom CRM solution.

Give your project the best chance of success, with our project workshop

You need custom software, and you are not familiar with the process of building one?

You don't know where to start, what to expect, what you need, what's your responsibility and what not, how much it would cost, how long it would take? You have never been involved in building software for your business, you have many questions, and you need guidance in that regard?

If so, we offer so-called project workshops. A project workshop is a meeting session where we explain all you need to know about software engineering and the process of building bespoke software solutions.

A project workshop is the best starting point if you need a custom software solution and if you want to learn more about it.

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How we work

Step 1

Initial call

This is the first step to getting in touch with you and your problems. We are supposed to meet, talk about your business in general and answer your questions.

It is usually a video call that takes approximately 30 minutes and is free of charge.

Step 2

Project Workshop

We sit together to help you understand software engineering and the process of building custom software solutions. You'll get advice about technology, automation, and the transformation of your business into a digital form. You will be able to ask us anything you want.

We work together to better understand what you do, your problems, and your pain points. You teach us everything about your business, tasks, and requirements so that we can come up with the best possible solution for your business.

We propose a software solution, make a plan of a development process, and give duration and cost estimates.

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Step 3


Once the project workshop is complete, we begin the development phase.

We build software in small iterative steps and integrate them incrementally so that you can keep track of the progress and give us feedback. Since we are building and deploying feature by feature, as soon as one is complete, you will be able to test it and make adjustments if needed.

Step 4


In this phase, when the project is complete, we set up and launch the software and make it ready to use.

Who we are

We are a small and agile team of passionate, experienced, and open-minded professionals in software engineering.

A few decades of software engineering experience guarantees quality work, best practices, and on-time delivery. We've built many digital products such as custom crm solutions, inventory tracking, customer/supplier tracking, sales funnels, etc., that save time and automate tedious manual tasks.

Marko Krstic Software Engineer

Marko Krstic

Owner and CEO

Marko is an experienced software engineer, and throughout the years, he has created different platforms and web applications in eCommerce, FitnessTech, FinTech, Inventory Systems, and various other complex business-related applications in a variety of technologies.

Through being part of different companies, participating in diverse projects, implementing complex solutions, and working with many knowledgeable people, he gained significant experience in the software development field.

He has more than a decade of professional experience and more than two decades of overall programming experience, including working on non-profit and private projects.

His software engineering journey started when he was ten, and the same passion still drives him.

Our Portfolio


Veterinary CRM Software, built from scratch to meet our client's specific needs, to efficiently keep track of the records of its patients.

Zoki's Farm

Custom software solution for tracking rabbit breeding on the farm, record keeping, and digitizing paperwork.

Easy Loading

Software for uploading retail orders and customer data, combining them with information from the ERP system via REST APIs, and preparing reports for analysis in Power BI.


The inventory management software solution for the retail industry offers comprehensive features to streamline inventory tracking, optimize stock levels, and improve overall efficiency.

Brand Connect 2.0

This custom software enables suppliers to effortlessly upload their orders, facilitating seamless data integration for analytics and business intelligence (BI) purposes within the sports industry.

Odomis CRM

A custom CRM software solution provides businesses with a tailored platform to track interactions, streamline communication, and enhance customer satisfaction. With customizable features and intuitive interfaces, it empowers teams to effectively manage leads, automate workflows, and analyze customer data, adapting to each business's unique needs.

What our customers say

  • Philippe Linder, Owner
    Linder Management GmbH

    "Meeting Marko Krstic has been one of my greatest highlights in recent years. Finding skilled developers is a monumental challenge. Marko's comprehension and speed are exceptional. It is a great privilege to work with him. Where other developers see costs, problems, and obstacles, Marko approaches with intelligence and pragmatism, consistently finding outstanding solutions.

    Another significant highlight is Marko's proactive attitude. He not only suggests improvements on his own initiative but also implements them. Simply top-notch!

    Marko developed not only a B2B Webshop but also several Web-Applications and API Integrations for me and my clients."

  • Eric M. CEO
    KlickMedia GmbH

    "I had the pleasure of working with Marko on several custom developments for our Magento and Shopware platforms. Throughout the process, Marko exhibited a high level of professionalism and expertise.

    His ability to address and solve complex issues efficiently made a significant difference in the performance of our e-commerce operations. I highly recommend him for any projects requiring in-depth knowledge and a dedicated approach to e-commerce solutions."

  • John Poulos, Owner
    Para Services, Inc.

    "Beyond words, Marko is in a league of his own. Incredible, high integrity, great skill, clear communicator, and overall amazing human being. Don't give reviews often and don't take them lightly, but this was an easy one to give. Would work with him long term in an instant."

  • Olivier Bachmann, CEO
    Stähli AG

    "Die Stähli AG ist ein Lieferant von Ersatz- und Zubehörteilen im 2Rad Markt. Die meisten Bestellungen werden im Webshop der Stähli AG getätigt und somit ist ein gut funktionierender Webshop ein zentrales Element in unserer Geschäftstätigkeit.

    Die Stähli AG ist mit dem von Cyper Output gebautem Webshop sehr zufrieden. Hervorzuheben ist jedoch die schnelle Reaktionszeit bei Servicethemen oder Anpassungen. Marko Krstic reagiert sehr schnell, wir müssen nie warten und seine Lösungsvorschläge sind zielführend."

  • Vasilije Bjelokosic, Founder
    PET VET 035

    "It was a great experience working with Cyber Output. They are very professional, flexible, and always ready to help. They assisted me in building software for veterinary practice and digitalizing our paperwork.

    The journey was very pleasant since they were highly communicative and willing to explain each part of the development process. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with them and thankful for the amazing software they built for us."

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